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We contribute to the development of innovative therapies for those in need, leveraging our right fit for purpose solutions.

Our profile

Big enough to deliver,
small enough to care

Our ecosystem includes internationally recognized scientific and operations partners. Together, we contribute to the design, conduct, and interpretation of complex clinical trials across therapeutic areas. We are proud to be recognized for our operational excellence and scientific expertise, making us an attractive partner throughout all clinical development phases. To clients, we are the ‘right size’ full-service clinical CRO: big enough to deliver, small enough to care.

Clinical CRO

CR2O is a full-service clinical CRO founded in 2012, with its headquarters near Utrecht, The Netherlands. We offer agile teams that effectively navigate clinical development activities towards reliable results.

Qualified workforce

CR2O currently has a combined workforce of 40+ FTE, both internal and external. All employees and consultants are trained life-science professionals with PhD, MSc or BSc. Our cross-functional teams are goal-oriented and quality-minded.  

Product development

At CR2O, we strengthen your development teams with our expertise. Whether you need operational support on a single discipline or want to engage us as a full development team to advance your asset, we are there to help.

Proven track record

CR2O has conducted 30+ clinical trials in the past 5 years, in all four phases of clinical development and across multiple indications.

Complex clinical trials

CR2O’s flexible operating model uniquely qualifies us to execute complex clinical trials requiring tailor-made solutions.

Partner clients

CR2O works with Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices and Specialized Nutrition companies, as well as Non-profit Organizations and Government Agencies. To our partner clients, we are the ‘right-size’ full-service CRO thanks to our flexible nature and capability to scale up.

Our services

End-to-end expertise
to advance your candidate from bench to bedside

Our ecosystem integrates end-to-end expertise to advance your candidate from bench to bedside. The combined services of our different cross-functional experts accelerate your product development planning. Using our one-of-a-kind approach will de-risk product development processes and ensure generation of credible data sets.

CMC advice & management

Our Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) experts support you in defining a CMC strategy that ultimately results in a robust process, producing a drug of consistent quality.

Regulatory expertise

Our team of experienced, former regulators take ownership of regulatory strategies and translation to clinical trial design and endpoints.

Non-clinical partners    InnoSer

Whether you need expert guidance to design your non-clinical program from the beginning, or whether you need experienced insight to conduct a gap analysis for an existing program, our non-clinical drug development consultants are at your service.

Clinical operations

Our clinical operations team guides our client through the clinical development life cycle including trial management, safety management, datamanagement, statistics and medical writing.

Strategic R&D planning    Biointelect

Our experts support you in navigating the complex journey from benchtop research to successful commerialisation.

Commercialisation    Biointelect

Our strategic market access and commercial experts offer you deep market insights and access to global networks to give you the best chance of swift and impactful commercialisation.

Our portfolio

We have a strong clinical track record

Immunology & Infectious Disease clinical studies
Oncology disease clinical studies

Recent international projects with strong societal impact

  • COVID-19

    CR2O sponsors a Phase I SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibody clinical trial, funded by Horizon2020.
  • Influenza

    CR2O is part of a consortium that investigates next generation broad spectrum influenza vaccines through Phase I and Controlled Human Infection Model (CHIM). Funding from Horizon2020.
  • Rift Valley Fever

    CR2O sponsors a Phase I and Phase II RVFV-4s vaccine candidate. Funding from CEPI.
  • MERS Coronavirus

    CR2O co-develops a MERS-CoV candidate vaccine through Phase I and Phase II. Funding from CEPI.
  • Dyadic International, based in the US, was looking for a European CRO partner that was expert in the design and execution of our first clinical virology programme. At CR2O, we found that they employ highly qualified and experienced Life Sciences professionals expert in preclinical and clinical design work and support. Their people are equipped to deliver top-quality services that rival the larger CROs. Here at Dyadic we have greatly valued the value added experience of working the CR2O team and are grateful for the way that they paid attention to our programme and all the partners. They are a friendly and professional team – we highly recommend them!”

    Chief Commercial Officer
    Dyadic International, Inc.
  • I found CR2O to be highly professional and affordable in terms of services requested from them. CR2O has proven that they can match the delivery of expectations in the same way larger CROs can match these. I am very satisfied with the service and high quality of work CR2O delivers on our project and their ability to meet budgetary and timeline requirements.”

    Associate Director, Global CRM Lead, Regional Clinical Research Manager
    International Pharmaceutical Company
  • Wageningen Bioveterinary Research and BunyaVax are collaborating with CR2O within the CEPI-funded LARISSA project, in which we aim to develop a human vaccine for the prevention of Rift Valley fever: a mosquito-borne disease of animals and humans. CR2O provides essential expertise on early clinical development and I much appreciate their personal involvement, enthusiasm and professional way of working.

    CSO, Extraordinary Professor Veterinary Arbovirology, Group Head Arbovirology
    Bunyavax BV | Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR)
  • CR2O works in a very professional way and is also well up-to-date about knowledge and developments in the microbiome and probiotic field. CR2O is always open to input and suggestions from our side related to the research, by for example performing additional analyses or broaden the collaboration with other relevant parties. I am very content with the short lines in contact and the clear communication both related to the progress as well as in explaining the results.”

    Manager Research Partnerships
    Probiotic Supplement Company
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