Our vision

Our pioneering employees and personal approach lead to operational excellence, paving the way for new treatments with positive societal impact.

Our C.O.D.E.

We Care

With our customers and in close collaboration with our partners, we develop innovative treatments for medical needs. As an organization, we work in a collegial way with an eye for everyone’s talent and needs.

We Own

We are committed with enthusiasm to the responsibilities that we assume towards customers and partners. We are constantly developing and stimulating ourselves to be able to take on the challenges of our complex field with pride. We aim to offer the best quality and performance for our customers.

We Deliver

We deliver innovative solutions for our customers in a proactive and efficient manner. We seize opportunities, and anticipate and resiliently adapt to change. We continue to deliver our services energetically and professionally under all circumstances.

We Engage

We creatively translate relevant market-oriented and technological developments into meaningful solutions for our customers. We encourage motivation and involvement in the organization and to the outside world by being an example to others in what we do and how we do it.